Hostinator v/s Hostinger, which is better?

Are you puzzled between the two? Here is our detailed comparison to help you make an informed choice.

Why Hostinator is the best choice for you?


Lightening Fast

Hostinator guarantees you speed.  Maximize your website’s potential with our high-speed server solutions, ensuring rapid data delivery. Deliver an exceptional user experience with our high-speed website hosting service.


Top-notch support

 Hostinator support team delivers unparalleled assistance and solutions, with responses typically within less than six minutes. Hostinator provides an elite assistance system to make your website  exceedingly user friendly,  avoiding buffer as well as downtimes.


Seamless Integration

Seamlessly integrate third-party apps and services with Hostinator, ensuring smooth operation and enhanced functionality for your website contributing to better user experience for your website visitors.

Face off  between Hostinator and Hostinger

Price Rs99/Month Rs149/Month
Free infinite SSL Hostinator - enhance the sense of security in the website user. Hostinger - enhance the sense of security in the website user.
Storage 50 GB 50 GB
Prompt Assistance Hostinator - quick and responsive support team Hostinger - NIL
Free Daily Backups Hostinator - increase data integrity and business continuity Hostinger - NIL
Multiple Server Locations Hostinator - Improve reliability and instant recovery after a mishap Hostinger - NIL
Assistance through Whatsapp Hostinator - Eases the communication with proactive engagement Hostinger - NIL

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